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Top Child Free Blogs and DINK Blogs To Follow

There is a big gap out there in the world people. Where are all the conversations around child free and DINK life? Honestly, it has been tough searching for child free blogs to follow and maybe it’s because not enough people are talking about it or we just haven’t crossed paths.

To help you on your search for information, resources, and communities to follow about being child free, we put together this list of top child free blogs and DINK blogs to follow. Feel free to submit your suggestions here. Blogs must be updated in the last six months to appear on this list, and this post will be refreshed monthly to ensure you’re only seeing active blog pages.

Top Child Free By Choice Blogs

Childfree Loudmouths – A lot about the child free lifestyle with how I would put it, a lot of sass. This blog is a collection of their podcasts, which you can subscribe to on their website. My favorite thing about Lilith and Balthazar is that they do not hold back. Most importantly, they put it all out there and have a great following because of this. Plus, they do a great segment called Asshole (s) of the Week where they take down the bullies and the bad mouthers (no pun intended) out there in the world. Pretty entertaining.

Respectfully Childfree – Meet Blair. Blair is a child free blogger and she has a wonderful Instagram and Twitter, as well. Plus, the writing on this blog is real and brilliant. In fact, if you read any of her blogs, at least read this one:
To Kid or Not to Kid

A Childfree Happily Ever After – Tanya is an author and writer of this blog where she dives into topics facing women who are child free. And, she does it with a refreshing perspective.

Married, Fun and Child Free – Since getting married in 2017, this UK blogger has been taking aim at everyone who assumes a child is next for her future. Follow this blog as she dives into the real issues with being married and child free.

Top Child Free Resources

The NotMom Blog – I can only describe the NotMom Blog as one of the most useful resources and supportive community of child free women on the web. In sum, this blog serves the child free by choice or by chance groups and sheds light on all the important things happening in the child free world. PS. They also host a Summit that gathers all child free women to help empower, guide and celebrate the lifestyle.

The HuffPost Childfree by Choice Section – Find all sorts of articles diving into the world of Child free by choice.

NoKids Shop – Do you want to show the world you’re living child free and are proud of it! The #NoKids Shop is the go-to place to find t-shirts, drinkware, accessories and more!

Laura Carroll’s Child Free Library – Laura is an author and child free expert. She has several books on different childless by choice and chance topics, and she has been featured in publications like Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and more. Plus, she’s appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS morning shows. Laura is definitely a great person to follow!

Top DINK Finance Blogs

DINKS Finance – This is one of the best financial blogs on the web with a perspective that’s all child free. It covers everything from couples finance tips to how to manage your money. In sum, it’s a child free person’s tool to being better with their finances.

Top DINK and Child Free Communities

The Childfree Subreddit Community – This subreddit ranges from rants to resources. Mostly, you’re going to find people reflecting on some part of the child free lifestyle or ranting about why a parent has offended them. However, it’s a great place to have insightful conversations and meet new people living the same lifestyle.

The True Childfree Subreddit Community – This is the Reddit community where people are a little less angry. As previously mentioned, the r/childfree community if filled with rants. This one is a little more subdued. They are both great and you’ll meet all types of people. Just remember to always keep things civil.

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