Child Free Vacation Destinations Fiji Turtle Island

Child Free Vacation Destinations

A child free vacation is never something we plan for because well, we don’t have kids. It’s not something we really think about when we’re thinking about our getaways. But, it can make a big difference. Does the idea of kicking your feet up in a hammock and listening to the waves crash close by make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It does for me! Now, imagine children screaming or crying in the background. Worse, maybe it’s your child screaming or crying. It’s never occurred to us how children around us can affect our vacation, but we’re definitely thinking about it now.

To be honest, our only real child free vacation experience was our honeymoon in 2016. I’ll get to that experience later, as Turtle Island Fiji has made my list of top destinations you must visit. But, for now, let’s explore why a vacation void of those little humans could be an ultimate experience for you and your better half.

You can experience a whole lot of serenity and more R&R when you jet set to a child free destination. Everything is just a little bit more simple when it comes to going sans kids. Dining becomes more experiential. Drinks flow with no guilt and most certainly, kids won’t interrupt you when they don’t want to eat anymore or they feel like running around. Also, entertainment is more enjoyable. Have you ever been to a movie or a show and been interrupted by kids? It happens, but not at an adults only resort. When you aren’t taken out of the experience, these moments are richer and more enjoyable.

These are Some of the Top Child Free Vacation Destinations in the World

Turtle Island, Fiji

Once Discovered. Never Forgotten. This is the tagline for one of the most incredible destinations in the world. And, it’s fitting. Fiji and its surrounding islands are majestic. It has a vibrant culture and people who feel like family the minute you arrive. Fiji is a magical place. In 2016, R and I were able to visit for a week-long escape. It’s a 5-star resort, all-inclusive and about as secluded and private as anyone could ask for.

The rich and famous, politicians and celebrities alike, have vacationed here for years. And, if you want a truly paradise-like vacation, you can’t pass up the opportunity to escape to this luxurious resort that has a strict no children policy. (The only exception to this is on Family Week, where they invite guests to bring the kids.) This is more than just a child free vacation. You will fall in love and want to return!

Excellence Playa Mujeres, Cancun

Although all-inclusive resorts don’t often get good reviews, this one exceeds expectations. It made the list as #1 on the Jetsetter list of Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Adults and there’s a reason! It’s rated as 5.0/5.0 with more than 15,000 reviews. Multiple people mention booking return trips because they were so satisfied. From nine restaurants offering all types of food, 11 bars and seven pools, it seems this resort will never allow you to be bored. There’s a nearby golf course, the Playa Mujeres Golf Club, and an offshore wetlands preserve for endangered sea turtles called Isla Contoy. It sounds like the ultimate child free vacation dream! Plus, Cancun is easy to get to and a Mexican paradise.

The Caves, Jamaica

A dream and a child free vacation ultimate destination. There is a 17-years-and-over policy at this resort, which Jetsetter attributes to either the way it’s set atop jagged cliffs or the lack of television in guest rooms. Sorry kids! Either way, it’s not suitable for children and therefore, you’ll find the rest and peace you most definitely need. There are only 12 guest cottages and everything is inclusive, including the drinks. Take a moment to check out the photos and imagine yourself in this paradise. Nestled along the coast, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump in the ocean and explore the reefs or journey through the natural caves. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even try your hand at cliff diving with the resorts resident cliff diving expert.

Beach Club, Australia

Beach Club is located on Hamilton Island, just off the coast of mainland Australia on the Coral Sea. This small island is host to many exciting adventures and has pretty much everything you would want to do on a trip to Australia. Beach Club is truly the ultimate getaway, as it’s adult only and sits right on Catseye Beach. From private dining to luxurious rooms, the resort itself has so much to offer. But even more thrilling, you’re in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. You can explore the sea life with access to all the water sports equipment you need. If you’re looking for something that gives you a taste of the Australian coast, then this is definitely for you. The island itself has lots more to do than just what’s on the resort, which is why you’ll get VIP chauffeur service around the island during your stay.

If you’ve never considered a child free vacation before, then this may be your time. There are dozens of options out there that have age limits and restrictions to help make your getaway the most enjoyable, so take advantage.

Are you ready to see the world sans kids? Tell me about somewhere you’ve been that is adults only. We’re always looking for new places to adventure!

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