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Child-Free Living: A Focus on Healthy Living

Welcome to 2019! This is our first blog of the new year and just like everyone else and their mama, we are focused on healthy living goals. Although we have been notorious gym goers for about 10 years, we slow down with the holidays. We’re currently on carb and sugar overload. Our habits are worse than ever. Anyone else with us? I thought so…

So, here we are, six days into 2019 and back into a great routine. Now, we’re just counting down the days until the new year’s crowds die out. We just got back from shopping and picking up all the ingredients to start making a morning shake. I’m talking tomatoes, spinach, berries, apples and all the other makings for a nutritious boost first thing in the morning. We’re definitely on track to make a strong start to the year. More importantly, we’re well on track to getting back into the best shape!

Setting Our Health Goals for 2019

While eating healthy and going to the gym are at the top of the healthy living goals this year, there are other things we’ll be focusing on, too. One, has as much to do with mental strength as it does physical strength. The other has to do with being pain free!

When Ryan and I sit down to make our goals each year – yes, we actually do this – we always set priorities. This year, our first priority is to make good choices in the food area. Our second priority is taking care of our bodies, like working out at least four times a week and practicing yoga to increase our flexibility and take care of our minds.

Part of this taking care of bodies also has to do with finding things that help make us more resilient. We’ve written down things like taking vitamins and supplements, getting enough sleep, putting less sugar and alcohol in our bodies and regularly taking CBD oil. These are all small things we’ll be doing each day to ensure we’re treating our body the best we can in 2019. And, best of all, it’s super simple. The only rule is deciding whether something meets one of the priorities we’ve set. Is it a good food choice? Is it going to do our bodies good?

Why Be Child Free?

Well, there certainly is a lot that a person gives up when they have children. Sacrificing time, energy and personal desires becomes commonplace. Whereas, my child free lifestyle enables me to make time for myself. I rarely am put in a position where I have to set aside my own personal fulfillment for ensuring another person gets what they need. Some would call this selfish. I call this a choice. I choose me.

Being child free ensures that every day, Ryan and I can take an hour anytime to work out. It also ensures that when we are planning out groceries for our week, we don’t have to bring any unnecessary food into the house. We save money by only purchasing the foods we know we’ll eat. I don’t eat much dairy, so I don’t often have dairy products in our fridge. With children, I know this would change. Our way of doing things would suddenly take a 180 degree turn and go in a direction that I know may not be the best for my body or my wallet.

These are the small sacrifices parents make for their children. But, this is only a small and sometimes really unnoticed sacrifice. It gets really real when suddenly there’s not enough time between school pick up, work and soccer practice. A quick McDonald’s pick up is easier. Suddenly, habits and routines are less predictable, less possible.

We are child free right now and enjoy the freedoms that come with it. This choice we are making has allowed us to be more successful than ever at meeting financial and health goals. In fact, I’m 100% confident that in 2019, I’ll be achieving the best health of my life. Plus, it’s allowed me to care for my body when it’s most in need.

Making Better Choices for Better Health

My purpose in explaining this is to share how important it is to think through decisions. We have heard how much people look forward to us having children a thousand times. But, we know that this just isn’t for us right now. As much as we adore the idea, it’s just that. It’s an idea of an ideal life that will not be the same. There are many reasons we’ve chosen to be child free, but the freedom of choice is an important one.

Mentally, we are not prepared to bring another life into this world. And, this also goes in line with our priority to treat our bodies right. I’ve recently lost my father, R recently started a new job and we recently bought a new home. There’s a lot of unpredictability in this. We work long hours and love it. We have a lot to do to make this home ours. I’m very happy that we’ve been able to think consciously about the decision to not have kids. This choice, this discourse, has kept us in tip top relationship shape. Not to mention, it’s been financially smart.

Our point here is that healthy living really has a lot to do with how sound life is mentally, financially, romantically and physically. If you’re making health goals in 2019 that you want to achieve. Think about how every decision you make and every choice you make directly impacts it. Think about what’s best for your body and best for your life. One decision could throw you way off of achieving your goals.

xo, A

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