Category: Health and Wellness

Staying on top of our health and wellness is important as a child free couple. We know that as life goes on, we won’t have children to take care of us the way we’ve taken care of our parents. But, that’s not something that has scared us away from our choice. Instead, it’s empowered us to care more about the type of life we’re living.

In this section of our blog, you can find Amy and Ryan’s top tips for child free wellness. From self care to mental health, we cover everything and anything that we experience from child free perspective.

For us, staying healthy means eating well and being active. It also means that we do more outdoors, focus on self care and improvement, and we make sure we’re focused on making the best long-term decisions for our life. When it comes to managing stress, we have found that balance and reflection can be tremendous help. Follow us on our journey of finding a life that is well balanced and focuses on child free wellness.

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