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A Better Health Child Free Lifestyle

Focusing on health child free is actually one of the best benefits of the lifestyle.

Today was a huge day for Ryan and his family. After a seven month battle of surgery, chemo, and radiation, Ryan’s mom beat cancer! Victory! That’s exactly what it feels like, and I’m just an outsider looking in on her journey. But, if that’s how I feel, I can’t imagine the emotions she must have. And, although I’ve never personally gone through this treacherous journey myself, I firmly stand in the “f**k cancer” court. It’s awful, it’s heart wrenching, but most gravely, it’s not a choice.

My own cancer story is not exactly the same. I’ve watched my dad, my uncle, and my grandfather be buried after long and difficult journeys with cancer and chemo. Sometimes, the story isn’t as happy as today’s. In fact, just a year and a half ago, I was walking out of a chemo treatment room weeping alongside the nurses who took care of my dad for so long. We knew we were walking away from the last hope we had for his survival.

What a complete reversal of circumstances. Today, we cried with joy, laughed, embraced, and told the nurses we’d see them again one day at a happy hour! Life can be a weird mixed bag of scenarios.

Taking Care of Me

Ok, so you’re probably thinking, “Where are you going with this Amy?!” I know, it’s going down a really sad direction. But, what I’m really trying to get at here is how aware I’ve become of how we treat our bodies. Lifestyle and mental dexterity make up the screwed up puzzle we call living life. Yet, most of us don’t think much about what we’re consuming or how sedentary our days are. We just kind of run on autopilot, not thinking about what we’re doing to ourselves long-term.

Well, this is the end of that era for me. Maybe it’s watching so many incredible people fall to disease that sparked something within me. Maybe and more plausibly it’s this incredible woman fighting and beating cancer both physically and mentally that showed me there’s hope when we care for our bodies!

Either way, I’ve made a decision to think about my lifestyle differently. I think about what I consume differently. I care about what I do and have a true desire to clean up my body and clean out my soul. I’ve started my own little transformation and it feels incredibly empowering. Most of all, it feels great to have a goal – to prevent cancer! And, if God decides I’m destined to go through it too, then it’s to fearlessly battle it and be another beautiful survival story. I want to be ready for anything.

Focusing on Health Child Free

10 days ago, I eliminated alcohol from my diet, and started focusing more on my health, activity levels, and wellness. That’s not a terribly long time, so excuse me for being so excited as I’m sure it’s a little odd probably for you to read. But, I’m doing it! I’m feeling great, sleeping better, and positive about my lifestyle for the first time in a long time. 10 days! High five to me!

Ok, now that I’m done being self congratulatory, I want to say I’m very happy being child free. I feel that my life wouldn’t be so stable if I had children. It’s our personal belief that we are able to focus more on ourselves and our health child free because we aren’t focusing on raising other humans. While some parents do both incredibly well, we look at them like superheroes and then shrug it off and say, we’re happier this way. I wrote a post about why Oprah chose not to have kids, and I pretty much feel the same. There are so many parents out there that don’t realize it’s a full time job. Well, I do. And, at this moment, I can’t commit to that.

Health isn’t so easy to maintain once children are in the picture. Not only does it expose you to more germs and illnesses, but also immune systems weaken with stress and routines get thrown out the door. I’m personally not ready to say goodbye to exercising daily, getting rest when I want, sleeping in if I need, and living pretty stress free.

Being child free is one of my keys to accomplishing my health goals and staying happy.

Setting Realistic Goals

As I mentioned, health has a whole new meaning to me now. Seeing the difference that a positive mindset, minimal stress and focus on eating more clean can make changed my mentality. My goals are to prevent cancer and to prevent any illness that could stop be from living my life freely in the future. My goals are not to be fit and slim. Those may just be benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

I say preventing cancer is a more realistic goal than losing five pounds, don’t you think? The whole point of living childfree by choice and choosing to enjoy our life is to well, enjoy our life! I can’t afford to put that all aside and get sick. How would I travel the world? How would I experience all the things I want in my lifetime?

My mentality is spend time now caring about what I eat and being active, so that in my future I can continue to do everything I want. This is what I choose to set as my goal.

Do you think being childfree by choice helps you stay healthier, too?

xo, A

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