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Child-Free Luxuries: 7 Ways to Self Care

About four weeks ago, I noticed my hair was starting to break. It hurt me to the soul. I began to notice a lot of small hairs sticking up around the crown of my head and after showering, they didn’t really go down.

Then, it got even scarier when I was washing my hair and noticed small strands were coming out rather than long strands. How could this be happening? Reality hit me when I thought back to how long I’ve been heat styling my hair. For more than 10 years I have been using a straightener without any vindication for my brunette mane.

Let’s just say, this has changed! More than ever, I have been conscious about self care and how lucky I am to have the time to give to myself. If you don’t care for yourself, who will?

The Importance of Self Care

Self care – loving your body – taking care of yourself. This is the theme of the last year or so. More people are more aware of how they treat themselves and ensure they are doing everything the correct way. From drinking less, practicing yoga and even going vegan, more people are caring for their bodies. With more knowledge about health, we may reduce the possibility of getting sick or developing a life-threatening disease.

Self-care is an important topic right now. In fact, I didn’t really start thinking about it until my dad started to really struggle with with his cancer diagnosis in 2016. We thought he had throat cancer and had been cured. But, then it came back. And, when it did, it came back even more ferociously than ever.

My dad was generally healthy, but what he went through really took a toll on our family and more importantly, it gave me an important lesson. Taking care of your body is ESSENTIAL. We only have one shot and the more love we give ourselves, the better off we may be in our future.

7 Ways to Self Care

Well, that just got really deep. Sorry about that. But honestly, it’s these hard situations that started to clue me into some of the outward ways our bodies react to hardship.

My hair for the last several months has been struggling. I look at the ends and only see tiny bits of fried pieces going in every which way. It’s not smooth like it once used to be and it feels hard when I run my fingers through it. There really is a lot of damage happening all the way up the hair shaft.

This shows both the needs to take care of ourselves emotionally and physically. So living child-free by choice, I realize that I have time to care for my body in ways many other people don’t. 2019 is the year to get up, go get it and be better!

  1. Notice when you’re not feeling well and make a change. *Ahem, going heat-free with styling for while. I’ve only straightened my hair four times in December!*
  2. Sleep as long as your body needs.
  3. Use products that are good to your body and don’t contain dangerous chemicals. Cut the sulfates and sulfites. There are plenty of products out there that are more natural. Embrace them!
  4. Drink water, lots of it, every day.
  5. Don’t rush to medicate every time you feel a tiny bit ill. Build your immune system using vitamins, supplements and herbs. Remember your body needs to build itself up to fight and if you get it conditioned to antibiotics then these won’t work as effectively in the future. Find the right doctors to give you the right diagnosis and not just supply medications all the time.
  6. Get yourself active. Move as much as you can, while you can.
  7. Do the things you love to do. Really make time to sit in your hammock or relax by the pool. This is the only life we get, so do what you want when you can.

Discover the Benefits of CBD Oil

Have you heard about the benefits of CBD oil? One of the ways I’ve been able to practice the ultimate self care is through discovering the benefits of CBD oil. I started taking it about a year before my father passed away. I even got him into in the later stages of his cancer treatment.

Nothing has been able to help more with anxiety and pain-relief than this. If you’re interested in learning more, shoot me a message or check out my CTFO website.

Take care of yourself!

xo, A

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